Thursday, July 16, 2009

Excitement on the way home

The trip I take is close to 1000 miles. I drive over half of it and spend a night at a motel. Since it was Monday night, I drove only half of it and got a motel room in Oklahoma City, since my daughter's show "DVD on TV" was showing at 7 PM on the FX network.

The next morning driving home to San Antonio... between Waco, Texas and Temple, Texas on Interstate 35 I saw a large black cloud of smoke rising in the sky. The traffic was all going single file on the inside lane. As I got to where the fire was (a semi truck), the Sheriff stopped me and the people behind from going on, because they were concerned that the fuel tank would explode. Three fire trucks were there with 2 smaller fire vehicles, 3 sheriff cars. The Sheriff told me he had a prisoner in his car when the call came out. The driver was ok, but here are a couple of photos that said his truck was not ok.

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