Monday, October 5, 2009

2009 On the Spot Caricatures

Here is some of my fun over the past weekend...Finding some photos that I had in my files. Then building it up in iMovie.

Most if not all are from when I am working retail..
The drawings are pretty much the same that I do at gigs. I usually don't work in color at gigs because it takes longer... But I will for a fee....I do let them know that not as many people will get drawn.

I don't take photos at parties because I feel I am there to draw the guests. If I take time to take a photo of each guest with their drawing, I am cheating 5 to 10 out of getting a caricature drawn. Plus, I feel I am cheating the person who is paying me to draw caricatures of their guests not photograph them. Now a trade show gig is a little different because there is a lot of down time. So if I don't have a line waiting it keeps that person in the sales booth longer. Most companies like that idea.

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