Saturday, October 3, 2009

A QuickTime movie I did in 2005

Thank you Steve, That's Steve Hearn of Pencil Dreams.

He started putting some videos on his blog to advertise his services.....
That made me remember I did some Quicktime movies in 2005 for a presentation I did at a
Art Appreciation Night at a middle school.So I decided to dust off iMovie and
do some new ones.

This one like the others has music in the back ground. But, for some reason when I click it on it is silent. If you hear the music....
1. Let me know and
2. The music is from the band my nephew was with called "Honey Stump"

Some of you may see some drawings you recognize like Steve, Kelly, Elgin.

Now the other quicktime movies keep getting a message that there is an ERROR! So if anyone out there has any ideas.....let me know please...

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