Friday, December 4, 2009

Erica's birthday plus a "Drink and Draw"

The caricature artists in San Antonio try to get together every so often.
We draw and talk caricature business and have a good time.
Erica's birthday was a good excuse to have a Drink and Draw. Erica invited us to
The Taco Garage Cafe..... Here are some of people who were there.
This was our waitress
Here is Erica with some of the drawings of her.
Here is Jerry (Erica's other half) with the drawings of him.
When Erica called me about the get together, I thought I would attempt doing a drawing of her.
Erica is not only a caricature artist but also a musician and a member of the band Monkey Soop along with Jerry. The only photo I could find of her was off of the Monkey Soop website. I did the drawing in Adobe Illustrator in about 3 hours.

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