Thursday, March 25, 2010

Confessions of a South Texas Caricature Artist!

Being a caricature artist in South Texas is a dream.
A lot of ranches in South Texas are working ranches, but they also
are set up to have a company, convention outing...

Or almost any event that you want to have remembered.
Here is one of my favorite places to work

I worked a 2 hour gig at Knibbe Ranch drawing caricatures.

Here is the entrance to the ranch, which is about a quarter a mile to the club house...

As I drove in.... to the left of me was a common site... a real Texas Longhorn.....
and not a college student.

Here is one view of the club house.

Here is the area they hold an old fashion rodeo.

Where else would you see cow hides used for table clothes
both in the main room as well as on the patio?
Probably no where else.
This is Oreo a 9 year Longhorn and his trainer/owner
that is trained to be saddled and riden.

Here is how they brought the CEO of the company hosting the party
in to the dining/club house to talk to the guests.

Here I am with Oreo, before the gig started...
I am the one with the red shirt.

If you would like to see more of Knibbe Ranch here is a website.

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