Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Positive and sure of himself.

A week ago on Mother’s Day I was set up at Market Square.

I had a busy day drawing a lot of families, Took some photos, but rather then show them.

I want to tell you about the most positive person I have had the opportunity to draw and visit with.

A family of 6 came up and asked what the price would be for all 6. I gave them the price and one of the ladies asked if I had a military discount. At that time I saw a Marine who was injured in Afghanistan and I remembered seeing him on a local news story about how he is coping now....

He had served several tours in Iraq and was on, I think, his second tour in Afghanistan where the vechile he was in was hit and his entire body and face was burnt. He lost part of his right arm below the elbow and all his fingers on his left were gone.His face was burnt so bad there was no sign of eyebrows, eye lashes, His ears were gone. There were only 2 holes for where his nose use to be.

I drew 2 people at a time. I had already drawn his wife and child and his mother and Dad That left him and sister. They were teasing each other like any siblings do. When I got to draw the Marine.. He Told me “Have some fun with me don’t hold back.... Tear me up.”

I did not hold back and was visiting with him the entire time.... It was an honor to draw and visit with a person who

in my mind a hero for putting his life on the line to help defend freedom and the USA.

His positive outlook on the future was second to none.

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