Monday, September 20, 2010


This past weekend,
I worked the Jazz 'SA live festival in Travis Park.
The spot belongs to my friend Harry,
but for the second year
in a row he had to go out of town.

It rained both days, but it stopped enough
to make it worth going.
Sunday they even closed down the show 5 hours early.
But I got to hear some great jazz.

Jazz'SAlive is produced
by the San Antonio Parks Foundation.
There are some unique people
that attend this jazz outing.

I bought a Flip camcorder a couple of weeks ago.
My last post with the United States flag waving
was filmed by my Flip.

I hope you don't get seasick watching
my unsteady hand holding the camera.
I also will not upload any of the videos
that I accidently took of my feet.

Here is one of them. This man walks
around with 3 or 4 birds on his shoulders.
When people stop and ask him about the birds
he puts on a little show for the people around.

I will upload some more during the coming week.

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