Friday, November 5, 2010

The fun of doing studio work.

I have posted some past illustrations
that I have done for the local JCC.
I enjoy doing them dealing with the
lady I work with. Of course,
every year it has to go to her boss and
I am sure there is a committee
that has to make changes.

This year, there were fewer changes then other years.
Enough changes thou to show...

From what I understand.
The idea was that the gentleman who is on top
was the big push on getting a theater in the JCC
passed away years back.
His brother and sister-in-law
are big backers of the theater and
they are the ones on the stage.
He owns and operates an iron and metal company.
His wife (first baby born in 1918) is still
a yoga instructor.
The gentleman on the bottom is
the play director
The number one was my idea make
it more like a Shakespeare theme..
Having the man who was the big push
holding on the stage and looking at
where it has gone.
They liked the man looking over the scene
and the yoga pose but did
not understand the smoke and
Hamlet idea.

So they asked if the man could look like
he was helping construct a set on the
stage. Plus, the brother on top
always wore a ten gallon cowboy hat...
other than the photo they showed me.
Could we also add some theater seats?

The man looked like he was pushing a broom
so could we make it like he is carrying
the material for the set?

Could the gentleman on top have a
bola instead of a tie unlike the photo
we gave you where he is wearing a tie and
a hat like you had on the first drawing.
Let's take out a row of seats and
add these logos to the back of the seats.
The theater (known as the black box )
really does not have curtains so get rid of them
take the set between the man out and
add train tracks on poles in the back ground.
It ties in with their business logo
as well as they had a play based on "Chicago".

The final take the logos out and put the
first names on the back of each chair.

With a commercial art background I know
that you have to please the client.
I know it is a process of getting to what
the customer wants.

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