Monday, November 1, 2010

My weekend

No Market Square this weekend.
Friday night I worked for at a 16th birthday party.
A lot of teenage kids. While drawing I carry on
a conversation like asking what grade they
are in and where do they go to school.
The largest percentage of them said
they were home schooled, a popular and
growing trend in Texas.
The entire group of teenagers were the most polite
well-mannered ones I have seen in a long time.

Saturday night I worked at a Halloween party in an
old office building in downtown San Antonio.
It was an old bank now called "The Vault".
The building has an interesting history.

Sorry for the quality of the photos they are from my iphone.
Plus it was dark.

This young lady a 7th grader, daughter of
the people who hired me.
She was dressed as Medusa.

For entertainment there was
a lady playing a organ and a gentleman playing a violin.

There was also an actor playing Edgar Allen Poe
who read several of Poe's poems like
"The Raven".....
and nothing more...

There was a fortune teller
both Edgar and the fortune teller were from
Superfluous Players of Lockhart, Texas.

Sunday I worked at an unique theme park,
which I will have more about tomorrow.

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