Thursday, November 25, 2010

Speed competition at the convention

The Speed competition is a blast. It is as much fun being a model
as it is being one of the artists.
They go in 5 minute heats of 10 artists.
You have to draw the head... no happy faces...
You draw as many people as you can in the 5 minutes.
When you finish one person you yell next the model
jumps up and the next model sits down.
They take the fastest of each heat for the finals.
the top 3 winners if I remember correctly
19 - 20 - 21 drawings.

the 2 photos above show how the the artists are arranged
and how the models sit.

Every year some one comes up with a way to
speed up their drawing time.
Above Etsuko from Japan had finger brushes
on 3 fingers and one on her thumb.
She did not win but next year you will probably
see a few more try it.
Or there will be some other create idea.

Here I am with Etsuko at the banquet.
We worked together when I was invited to work
in Japan for the Hoshinoko company back in 2000.

Next week I will start posting some of the work
that was on the walls.

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