Thursday, December 16, 2010

Some work from the past

Back in 1977... For 1 season
I drew a cartoon a week and it was published in
the newspaper for the San Antonio Spurs.

I was a admirer/fan of Willard Mullin's art
a sports cartoonist.
He was best know for drawing the Dodgers (BUM)
When the Dodgers were in Brooklyn, NY before they
moved to LA
Mullin cartoons took on a life of their own
So much action/perspective/looseness
where they just flowed.
Here are 2 web addresses that I found
where you can see what I mean.

Here is some samples of my attempt of doing sports cartoons.

George Karl was fun to watch. He is now
the head coach of the Denver Nuggets.
San Antonio Spurs won tonight against the Nuggets
George Gervin still does a lot for the Spurs,
as a spokesperson.

Coby Dietrick opened a Relax The Back chair store
in the San Antonio area after his basketball career.
Larry Kenon owns a car dealership in San Antonio.

After drawing a player a week with only 12 players
on the team I drew the coach, the trainer,
A cartoon on the Baseline Bums which
is a unique group of fans that years
ago got a certain section on one end of the
court that make it to every home game.
Plus some others.
This last cartoon I drew about the history of basketball
Now there are a lot of correct facts, but I also had fun
bending some the statements.

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