Monday, December 13, 2010

Unique sights at caricature gigs.

One of the things I enjoy about being
a caricature artist in South Texas, you never know
what sights you will see.

Around San Antonio there are a lot of ranches
that have a party house for people coming to a convention
and these ranches serve companies a place
where they can host a party.
You never know what you will see.

Last Wednesday I worked at Enchanted Springs Ranch.
This is the property that is set up like an old west town.
Leaving the party here is a Llama standing on the road
existing the ranch. I had to drive around it because
the llama thought it owned the road.
At Market Square yesterday there was a man walking
around with a snake around his neck.
The young boy wanted to see what it felt like.
So with the dad's permission the man put it
around the boy's neck.

I'm sure every area has something unique.
But I like South Texas

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