Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Growing up in small towns, and having parents
who always had businesses that serviced
the farmers and ranchers.
It is refreshing to see the trend has not changed.

Below are photos that I took of young kids caring for
the animals that they brought to the stock show.
They were ages from 4 graders to Seniors in high school.

The children that I drew were very respectful, by saying
"Thank You" after I drew them. Odds are I did not
draw the children I photographed going thru the different barns.

In Texas as well as the Midwest where I grew up
Nebraska, Kansas and Colorado....
The raising of livestock is a way business.
The kids are taught early that working hard for your
goals will pay off in the long run.
No matter what you do with your life.
Who knows you may be having pork chops are a steak
from one of the animals I took a picture of.

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