Monday, October 17, 2011

Accepting Credit Cards

If this is old news to everyone..
Forgive me.

I learned of a way of accepting credit cards
at a low rate.. and the app is free
as well as the card swiper.
intuit go payment.
It attaches to your iPad or smart phone.

It does NOT work with windows yet.

You can have it where there is
no monthly payment.
Intuit will charge 2.7 for each
transaction. 3.7 if you manually key
in the card info.

There are several different
companies that offer this service

I chose Intuit. You down load
the app go payment and sign in.
Of course giving them the bank account
you want the money sent to and in a few
days they mail you the swiper.

I have had it for two weeks and
have used it at Market Square
for tourist who wanted to use
a card vs cash.
It's better than accepting a check.
A check could bounce.

I have also used it for a
payment on a studio piece payment and
for booking a party in November.

Their tech support is 24/7
7 days a week. And so far
very friendly and helpful.

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  1. I like this a lot. No reason to down a sale.