Thursday, December 1, 2011

More Art drawn at the ISCA convention

A lot of the work is more studio type art than
the quick party type caricatures.
although there were some good
party / theme park caricatures displayed, which
I will post later.
Excellent color caricatures

There were caricatures drawn in about
any medium you could think of.
from crayon - pencil - watercolor to oils
to computer and now even
on the iPad.

Some of the artist chose
to have their display area a theme.
Being the convention was held in St. Petersburg, Florida,
This artist used his space to
create a ocean scene, where every
model was a sea creature.

Here is one display who chose to have a Batman theme.
People who know Tom Richmond of MAD magazine, know he is big
Batman fan.... so every caricature had a mask on.
and there was a very good likeness of the people drawn.
Here the artist chose to draw every Master who was
in attendance in a body situation.

Strong black and white drawings.

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