Saturday, March 10, 2012

Rain Rain Rain

I wrote in the previous post that Spring Break in SA Starts
this weekend.... Well it did and the Spring Break festival
started in Market Square Friday...
The weather was chilly for South Texas, rain and drizzle
some thunder showers. and very few people.
Today Saturday is forecast to be the same.
The people putting on the event along with the city
were kind enough to move the festival
to be Sunday, Monday and Tuesday when the forecast
will be back to be bearable.

Below is a photo I took on Thursday of my new
quick set-up.
A lot times I am hired to work a gig when I have already
paid rent for my space in Market Square. I put together
this display. Each section is 11" X 17"and laminated.
I want to be able to set and tear down in a short time
so as not to lose the rent money by not trying to
get some of the money back, and still work the gig.

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