Thursday, April 19, 2012

Working on using the iPad at Gigs

I am in the process of working on doing more 
live gigs using the iPad for the more technical 
trade shows and open house shows.
I purchased a Epson Stylus NX430 wireless printer,
a Netgear  N150 wireless router 
and have been practicing getting
the time down to a time per drawing that is
not much longer if any then with markers and paper.

Here is a sample mailer I am putting together
to send to the agents that hire my services.

Rather than printing out on 8.5"X 11" paper
I purchased  4"X 6" photo paper and 
A6 envelopes where I can pre-print 
the clients logo and when the caricature 
is drawn and printed, it can put in the envelope.
Like the photo below.
Printing smaller would help the speed and amount 
of prints that can printed for the ink level during a gig.
It would also be small enough that the person could 
carry the drawing in a pocket.

For the artists that follow this blog, I would like your 
feedback on this concept. Pro or Con.


  1. You know that I think it's a great idea. I like the smaller print also, but photo paper? Isn't that costly?

  2. Yes, the photo paper cost is higher, but the photo paper does not absorb as much ink as regular paper. I am also going to be charging more for this service. If I pre-print the logo on the envelope there will be a charge for that also. The photo paper has a higher quality look.

  3. That's true -- photo paper is a better quality and produces better pictures. Since this is for gigs it makes sense to use the good stuff!