Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Little Couple....EXPOSURE

Since the show aired where the Little Couple
visited San Antonio. Touring the Alamo,
the Riverwalk and Market Square.
Here they got a caricature from me.
 When I am set up at at the market, I have
had people come by who either saw the show
or looked at my photo of them holding 
their caricature. It has made me busier 
than normal. So I decided to do a couple
of studio pieces thanking them.
The above illustration his of them and 
their 2 dogs with the Alamo and Riverwalk
in the background.

The drawing below is basically what he wanted
from the get go. Where him and his dog
are both sticking out their tongues.
That was his idea not mine.

Both were done in Adobe Illustrator.

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