Thursday, February 28, 2013

Drawing Another Vendor at the Rodeo

Here is a photo of a neighboring vendor at 
the rodeo holding the drawing I drew of her.
 She is a photographer that photographs elements
that appear as a letter.. You choose what photos
that make up whatever... from your name
to like the sample here with TEXAS...

Below is how the photos were displayed.

 You can either buy the letters by themselves
 or you can have them put in a matte and frame.

I also had my ipad with me and did this 
drawing in Art Studio the week before.

I traded letters with her son last year.
So I put it together... Using her photos
to spell MELLO and on the computer spell
out the rest of my website.
Their website is
You can pick the photos you want 
select the color matte and style of frame.

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