Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Market Square in San Antonio

Here in San Antonio, if I do not have a caricature gig to work, I am signed on to set up and work retail at Market Square (a Mexican Market that is one of the sights to see along with the Alamo, the San Antonio Riverwalk, Tower of the Americas. It is probably number 4 on the list, but it gets a lot of people from all over Texas as well as the world. At the present time I work only weekend there Saturday and Sunday.

Retail is so different then working a party. At a party or trade show you are paid by the hour by the host or company and the drawings are given away for free, so you are busy almost from the time you set up to the time your contract is up. Where at a retail location, the people you draw have to think about getting a drawing done by reaching in their wallet and paying for it.

I pick up a lot gigs at my retail location, by not only having plenty of business cards. I have a portfolio of my studio work showing not only my practice work but copies of some of the gift caricatures I have done for some clients in the past. I enjoy both, but prefer gig work over retail. Less equipment to take and set up. That said----When I get in my zone either way is fun.

Above are a couple samples from this past weekend. The father of the 3 kids asked if I would take a picture and have it hanging as one of samples. I may be displaying both.