Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A new NCN member

I met Eddie and his wife, Patti from Katy, Texas, when they came up to my location in Market Square a couple of weeks ago. They were in San Antonio celebrating their 22nd wedding anniversary.
They saw the NCN logo on my caricature sign and said they are going to attend their first NCN convention this year and asked me what they could look forward to.
New friendships
Seeing a minimum of 2300 pieces of artwork on display if not more
Learning new art techniques
Learning different business concepts
Meeting artists in person that have only seen their work on the web
Taking home as many caricatures of yourself that fellow artists drew of you
All of this in 6 days!!!!!
Eddie's blog is eurightbrain.blogspot.com


  1. You are the man to encourage and help new NCN people at a convention! I still treasure that Vegas trip I made in 2002 where I first made friends with yourself and the other crazy guy's and it went on to change my life! I can't make the convention this year but hope to be there in 2010..!

  2. I agree with Steve Mel....you're a very welcoming person that makes a newcomer feel just that.... welcome!

  3. Enjoyed your blog. I like your stuff. It is the kind of stuff that makes an old man who is just beginning wish he had started trying at an earlier age.