Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Jazz Alive Weekend

This weekend I worked the 26 th annual JAZZ ALIVE festival this past weekend.
Did some drawing and listen to some jazz. It's a free event sponsored by the city.
I was working the event, because fellow caricature artist Harry Schneider who has worked the
festival for most of the 26 years was unable to be there, so he invited me to work it.
Thank you Harry!

There were some interesting people there

The festival is held in Travis park. This is where the NCN (now the ISCA) was at when the convention was held here in San Antonio when it became a non-profit organization. We had our public drawings here. We were all in a circle with our easels around the statute of Travis. There were only about 25-3o artist that attended the SA convention.

These 2 photos are a man and wife. Where the
wife wanted to be drawn and after I drew her....... he decided to get drawn.

This young girl gets drawn every year by Harry, but this year she had to settle for a drawing from me.

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