Thursday, September 24, 2009

Some more old ads from The Saturday Evening Post

This ad (the Cartoonists Illustrators by the HEEB system) I showed earlier which it also ran here. What I liked about this is it shows the date
October 10. 1903
As well as the ad above it, that is bragging about driving in a car from coast to coast.

This ad ran February 27, 1904
What I find interesting is that these pen nibs were used for writing
when writing penmanship was an art.

Even some of use old-timers in the art field only knew these as
pen and ink nibs for drawing.
12 pens for 10 cents.....
What do pen nibs cost today?

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  1. Penmanship was an art for sure. Some of that old writing is gorgeous.

    Most of the highschoolers on my bus write like elementary kids.

    Another feather in the bonnet of public school and home computers. ;P