Monday, October 26, 2009

Acting like a Texas cowboy.....

This past Saturday, Frank Z. and myself worked at the Enchanted Springs Ranch just outside
Borne, Texas. It was sponsored by the Borne Rotary Club. We were working retail.. Did a few drawings... but mostly enjoyed the day.

The Ranch is made up to be like a small town in the "Old West".
Everything from a saloon, dance hall. church, general store, sheriff's office, an indian camp,
cemetery plus some other stores and places..... They had re-enactments of some gun fights, re-enactments of soldiers from the Civil War. If you are a fan of the Old West you would enjoy your time at Enchanted Springs Ranch.
Here is Frank finishing a drawing and getting ready to show the boy. Take it from me it was a good likeness.
This is a drawing I did of the son of the photographer taking photos of groups of people / families dressed up like cowboys..ll
Another drawing I did. This young lady is now at Lackland AFB going thru training and will be going to Hawaii for tech school.


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