Monday, October 19, 2009

Some of my work (fun) at Market Square

This little girl, a two year old, was drawn after her four year old sister was drawn.
I took a photo of her sister also, but it was another photo taken when the mother says look at the camera honey! So what does the little girl do is look at her mother.... Oh, well.....

This couple was in San Antonio for a wedding of a relative. They are from St. Louis.
She said when she was in art school they had a lesson on caricaturing. I asked her if
she still worked on her art. She said she works in marble and she said jokingly that
her nickname was the "Old Chisel". A fun couple to draw.
Here are two Seventh grade girls who are friends and after I drew them, later in the day the parents of the girl on the bottom brought her little brother by to be drawn.
As I was drawing this girl (note the two bandaged fingers) was telling her friend the different things that have happened (accidents) to her of breaking bones to spraining and pulling muscles. Would you say Accident prone?

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