Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Sunday before Christmas

Here was a young couple on their honeymoonWhere I have my retail location on the weekend is in Market Square. It's about 2 blocks
from San Fernando Cathedral. Every year they have a procession thru Market Square heading to the Cathedral.
As I started closing up. I see a large crowd of people gathering with a group of children dressed as angels. You see children as angels you have to take a photo.
Here is the young girl and boy being Mary and Joseph. Mary was on a donkey statue was on a
cart push by the young gentleman behind them.

The photo below I zoomed in and aimed it at the angels. Not seeing what was on
the photo other then knowing I photographed some angels... When I got home and
and downloaded them on computer.... I had a good laugh. Do you think there was small
dispute between these two angels?

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