Monday, February 22, 2010

More Fun at the Market!

As you can see..... I got my camera out more this weekend. Still there were some that I wished I had a photo of the final drawing as well as there were some drawings that I am glad I don't have the photo, because I feel I did not get a good enough likeness.....

This couple were celebrating their 1st anniversary.

Two sisters that wanted to be on the same caricature drawing.

This little girl is the daughter of the couple in the next booth to me in Market Square.
She spends more time in my booth then in her parents' booth. I call her my little orphan.
Her parents' cut names out of wood and then spray paint them. The final product looks good and would look great in a child's room.

Here is a couple here were on their happy moon.... But this was the second time they got married... They said they split and decided later to re-marry.

A couple more sisters.
2 freshmen high school kids. Now that I see the photo and the drawing
I missed bringing out the whole style of the young man's hairdo.

Speaking of hairdos, this 1 year old had the curliest hair.

I do some color work at the market.

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