Tuesday, February 2, 2010

This past Saturday, I was asked by a client if I would mind working at an event but because of the budget I would have to charge my regular retail price. The place is at Enchanted Springs Ranch. The event was for the Spurs season ticket holders. I thought long and hard on this.... I could say no and take a chance at my retail spot in Market Square, or go with a client that has hired me in the past as well has me booked for future gigs.

I like working the party gigs rather than retail... A lot less to set up and you know you are going to be busy (the drawings are free to the guest) plus you know what you are getting for the gig, unless there is overtime. Retail work you have to wait for the guest/customer to think about if they want to reach in their wallet for a caricature drawing that may make them look funny.

Over all I came out OK!
Here are some photos I took, not of the drawings I did, but of the landscape and of something you don't see everyday.
This is of a photo I took which was across the street. You would think you were back in the 1800 hundreds until you see the fancy picnic table on the left.
They had a childrens' area to see different animals. To promote the guests to come see the area. a lady was walking around with what she said was an African Porcupine on a leash.

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