Monday, February 8, 2010

Super Bowl Weekend at Market Square.

This weekend had everything.
This little girl's personality..... could steal anyone's heart.
This was a group from the Philippines who were visiting relatives here in San Antonio.
This brother and sister were in San Antonio for Cheerleader competition. The little girl was in her cheerleader team costume, but it was a little on the nippy side so she had her jacket on.

This is the only photo I took of the drawings I did of cheerleaders, But I drew more bows in the hairdos then I did since last February when they were here before.
Market Square is also known as the Mexican Market. The Mexican culture is a big part of
the making of San Antonio. Here are some dancers performing very near my space here in Market Square this last Saturday.

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  1. Very nice Mel, I like these kid caricatures you've done! :)