Monday, March 8, 2010

Saturday at the Market

This weekend I worked only Saturday, because the forecast for Sunday was showers for most of the day.. This time the weatherman was correct.
Here a brother and sister visiting from out of town. I was impressed with the boy. He was looking after his little sister....

This couple was the last drawing I did Saturday night. They came from Austin. His friends were giving him a hard time and I was also. Several times I asked him if he could open his eyes. The more his friends and I would say something. The bigger the smile the more his eyes would close. It's fun being a caricature artist.

These last 2 drawings...

....I am not happy with. I feel I missed on a good likeness. After I take a photo, I like to see If I missed on the likeness. When you draw quick caricatures the process is to capture features in a few seconds and put it on paper.

Both couples liked their drawings and asked me to take a photo of them with their camera so I also took a photo with my camera. the couple above were here on their honeymoon and the couple below visiting from Dallas.

The couple above I feel I held back and came up with a generic drawing. I missed a good likeness on both, but especially on the gentleman. the couple below I was noting how the female had such a round face and the male had a rectangle face. After I see the drawing on the photo. I see where his face was not that long but his chin protrude out and his forehead was wider.

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