Wednesday, April 14, 2010

If you are a caricature artist..... think ISCA

If you are a caricature artist.....

Check out the website

I have been a member of this organization since 1995.
The first convention I went to was in 1996 here in San Antonio.
This was the year it became a non-profit organization..

Since 1996, I have only missed 1 convention....

At the convention you meet people
who are doing the same as you...
in their little bubble as you are in your little bubble.
You find there are people out there
that have a love for the art
as well as minds on how to make
a living doing what they LOVE doing.
Party (live) caricatures,,, Studio caricatures...
Published caricatures.

You discover different drawing styles...
different venues to approach on drawing caricatures.

If you think you are the best there is as a caricature artist.....
Come to a NCN oops....
a ISCA convention and see caricaturing from
a whole different light!
I dare you!

Another thing about being
a member of the ISCA and going to an ISCA convention.
You meet new friends.... from

Everywhere on this big blue marble.... called Earth.

Tonight, at my surprise I got a called from Steve Hearn....
a caricature artist from England....
We first met in Vegas about 5 or 6 years ago..
The following year
he brought his wife "Wendy" to the convention..

If you are reading this Steve.
That "WOW" is not for you Steve.

Back to the phone call..... He was wondering
if I was planning to make the convention
this year in November in Vegas.
Which I plan to attend.
We caught up on the past years and,
we talked business... what works and what doesn't!
We had a good (great) chat...

Here is a caricature of Steve I drew in 2004
Steve's blog is

and his website is

Being a Member of the ISCA
if you are as old as me....

You can end up being a Big Brother to some caricature artist from
Let's say New York City..

Like an Old uncle to a caricature artist from
Let's say Canada....

A roommate in Japan to a caricature artist from
New York State.



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  2. Like a mentor to some dude from
    Let's say San Antonio...

  3. Mentor?????

    Ok, Thank you!
    At 64 years old you can mess with anyone's mind.

    Let's say friend.....