Friday, April 16, 2010

Last weekend at the market

Here is the only photo I took at the market this past weekend.
There were some people I drew, that I wished I had taken a photo for future reference.
I seem to have gotten in the mode of taking a photo
only when they... the people
want a photo of the person and drawing I just did,
so I pull out my camera....
Between you and me I think I could have made him look a little younger,
by adding some larger cheeks and make his facial features smaller, to better show his age.
Now that is between you and me. So keep it quiet.

The parents LOVED it.
Maybe in a year or two it will look more like him.

a little more like this.

This happens in Live caricaturing...
You work towards a likeness... but
sometimes in 3 minutes you may miss
a year or 2. If the likeness is there so be it.

Now that I have my revised website....
Where I can make a change easier
(with my web knowledge or lack of)
I have been trying to decide what pages to add.
What samples to add?
What I need to do.... to get my site in front of
the people of South Texas....

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