Monday, May 3, 2010

The Fun at Market Square..

I'm back.....
The last 2 weeks in San Antonio was Fiesta...
It is a City wide celebration that started over a 100 years..
It is now a City wide event covering most of San Antonio for 14 days.

Where I sit up in Market Square the rent for me is higher than
I want to pay... I usually have 2 to 3 gigs lined up that ties in with the fiesta.

So I would rather than have my whole display to set up...
I still prefer just working 2 to 3 hours and only taking my
easel.. drawing board, markers and lights...
OK! some paper

After going thru the fiesta time
I worked again at Market Square..
This weekend was great...
San Antonio had a George Strait concert on Saturday
I drew a lot of people both Saturday and Sunday that were
from out of town only for the concert..

Also on Sunday was the National Jalapeno Pepper eating contest.

The event has been held in Chicago for the last 4 years.
Here is the mascot of the company promoting the the event.
I drew some of the ladies that were here in charge of the event.

Here is photo where I was able to see the 15 contestants
in the event.
2 contestants ate 225 jalapenos in 8 minutes
They had a run off. and they tied at 225.
on the second run off
The winner who won who ate 272 jalapenos peppers.

272 jalapenos are more hot peppers then I will eat in a life time.

You never know what will be happening here!

I will try to post some of the drawings I did over the weekend tomorrow.

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