Friday, June 4, 2010

First Thursday Artists' Get Together

Our little artist get together last night was held at
the "Hot Tin Roof" Bar and Grill.
They had a up-stairs that had 4 sofas two facing the other two which worked great for
being able to have your subject facing you as well as you facing the others drawing you.

There were 7 of us. Therodoro (illustrator),
his wife Kat (an editor), a fellow (editor) Rebecca,
Frank Zieglar (caricaturist),
his daughter Megan
(a recent school graduate and into music)
and myself.

Here is a drawing of Kat by Frank

Here is a drawing of Megan by Therodoro
and below is a drawing of Rebecca by Therodoro

This was our waitress for the evening.

Here is a drawing of Therodoro by Frank
and below a drawing of Rebecca by Frank.

The drawings below are of
Kat, Throdoro and Rebecca by me.

It was a fun evening.


  1. great nite! thanks for posting the pics, mel! the drawings were great as usual.

  2. I sent some photos to Theodoro did you get them?

  3. Hi Mel, Nice work I wish I could get a group started here in in Katy. I have been to a couple of draw ins in Dallas with some of the people I met at the ISCA Convention fun but to far.