Monday, June 21, 2010

Fathers' Day Weekend

It was Father's Day on Sunday...
and I was working at Market Square.
This past Christmas my daughter gave me
her old iphone because she bought the new 3G last year.
Of course the iphone was more tech then I
had before but I have gotten use to it.

Sunday (Father's Day) I was expecting a call
as always from my daughter....
I look at the screen of my phone
and it has a message no
I did not have the high tech paper clip
to open the phone to reset the sim card.
So I waited to get home and call her on my land phone.
Took it by my neighborhood AT&T store
this morning and they helped me out.

Enough on my knowledge of the new technology.

Here is some of my work at
Market Square this weekend
This young man just finished basic training
in the Air Force at Lackland Air Force Base.
He is waiting to be sent to a tech school for
training for his future job for the USAF.

We see many young men and women at the market
after they have completed their training.
If you want to hear YES SIR! every time
you ask a question or tell them something.
The market would be
a good place to be.

The Air Force is how I got to San Antonio.

Here were two girls going into their Senior year of high school.
The young lady on the right is from San Antonio
and the young on the left
is from Australia.

The couple below is from a few weeks earlier.

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