Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Working on more Wedding Gigs

A month ago, I was invited by a friend Ernest, a DJ in the
San Antonio market, to set up with him at a wedding fair.
I have known and worked with Ernest at a lot of different events
(corporate party, picnic, Bar Mitzvah, etc.) for that last 25 years.

He had invited me before, but I was already booked.

This time he invited me to set up in his booth and I would provide the give-away for his booth.
After seeing my friend Steve Hearn's blog from England on the amount of weddings he works.

I am thinking that is a market I have not really tired to enter.....
Steve surprised me one night and gave me a call.... We talked and I got fired up on the marketing and advertising part of being a caricature artist again....
It is a business like any other.
Of course this time I took Ernest up on his offer.

For the wedding Fair I had plenty of business cards, flyers that I ran out of and here is a sample of the paper that I drew the guests on, which I almost ran out of.
The paper was 11" x 14"

Here is Ernest's website

A wedding planner called me on the following Monday to invite me to work at an open house
mainly to promote them but on the side to promote caricatures at the newlywed reception....

Again it was a free-bee. But I made some more contacts this event.

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