Friday, September 3, 2010

First Thursday Artists' Get Together

Better known as a "Drink & Draw"
with half of us not drinking.

I start by apologizing for the quality of the photos.
My camera setting was off what I normally have it at.

Any way we had 8 people show up.

Here is a drawing I did of Erica's mom.

Erica was working on small paper and here are her
drawings of me.

Here is a drawing of Mike by me.
Mike is a bass player and join us being a friend
of Adam, a caricature artist and another bass player.

Erica, Adam, Mel, Eric and Pam
Jerry, Erica's other half brought his new guitar and asked us.
to draw on it with metallic markers.

I finally got the setting corrected.
This is Jerry with a drawing of him by Eric.
Who is an illustrator and new to San Antonio.

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  1. So nice when some new people take an interest. I'll be back... eventually.