Monday, September 27, 2010

I like customers like this.

Market Square this time of year
when school is back in session,
tourism is down, but it is still fun to work.

The Market is under renovation again.
They are finishing the part they did not get to
3 or 4 years ago. So, the outside vendors are all
compressed to a new spot until the construction is
done in what they say January. Let's hope.

Here is young college girl who I drew and later in the
afternoon she brought back eight of her family and friends
to be drawn. I like customers like that.

This young girl and her mother, from Kansas City,
I drew on Sunday.

On Saturday I drew the girl with her father.
The dad said he didn't think the drawing
looked like him and his daughter told that is you.
They told me that later in the afternoon that when
the mother saw the drawing, she said I nailed him.
She wanted a drawing of her and her daughter.
Again, I like customers like this.

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