Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Even thou it rained in the middle of the day on Saturday
and the event was closed down early on Sunday.
Besides enjoying the music and seeing
some unique people, I did do some drawings.
Here are just a few.

Here is an architect. He wanted to see how someone else sees him.
I told him, he should not get an opinion from a caricature artist.
Here is a couple who said they were looking for
the two boys with them.
They said one was a red head with a white t-shirt
and the other was dark hair and glasses.
I told them they were just here a few minutes ago
asking about caricatures.
A little later the parents brought them back for a caricature.

Wow...... Here are the 2 boys
A young girl who really likes her pink dog.

The last couple I drew on Saturday night.

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