Monday, October 4, 2010

Market Square in October

More fun at Market Square.
A little 2 year old girl, once she had the drawing
she wanted to carry it.
Whenever I have the chance to have
a young pretty girl have her hand on my shoulder.
The world should see it.
She said she is going for her master's degree,
and is from China.

Here are four children that are related.
They had the drawings in the plastic bags.
When their parents took the picture I suggested that
they take it out of the bag.... Oh, well
I took a photo just as well.
The young boy in the Steeler shirt likes art and
he watched me for sometime. He studied all my
samples and looked at my small portfolio that I have
on display for people to look at while they are waiting
to be drawn. Maybe a future caricature artist.

Here is shy little 2 year old.
A mother and daughter who were in San Antonio
celebrating the daughter's 10 birthday.

Two ladies visiting from Houston.

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