Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Weekend at the Market

Had some fun at Market Square.
When the mother was taking a photo I grabbed my camera
while she was posing.

Here is a young man who wanted to be drawn with
his Grandmother. I had drawn his kids and
some of his nephews and nieces earlier.
I took the photo later in the evening.
It's a little out of focus. Don't know if
I was tire and shaking or if my camera setting
got altered when I put it back in the case.

I think they were sisters. Notice the
paper flower headdresses.
Being a Mexican market you see a lot of
young girls and women wearing them.
There are several women (vendors) that
walk around with their arms full
of the headdresses.
Every time one sits down with one on.
I shudder thinking it's just more stuff to
draw that I feel takes away from the
looks of the person. But if they pay me...
What the heck.

A young family from Houston, Texas.
The little guy is 5 months old.
They told me that the Dad had a
caricature when he was a little boy,
so they sat down for a drawing.

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