Monday, October 18, 2010

Weekend Fun

This past weekend was busy.
Friday I worked for an insurance company picnic.
They had a 50's theme where most showed up
in 50's style clothing.
Everything from ladies with poodle skirts
guys dressed as nerds and some with
Arthur "Fonzie" Fonzarelli outfits.
One lady was dressed as Lucy.

They had everything from dance competition, to best outfit
as well as some other games.
Saturday I worked at Enchanted Springs Ranch,
with 4 other artists for an insurance company.
I showed photos of Enchanted Springs Ranch
in an earlier blog... It is set up as an old west town.

Sunday with 2 other artists, I worked for a major company at
J.W. Marriott Resort.. known at this time as the
largest Marriott in the world.
The theme for this party was a "Tail-Gate" party.

So from the 50's to the 1800's to a
tail-gate party.

I like large companies.... they are the ones
that hire small business people like myself.

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