Friday, October 15, 2010

When you are short on time.

One of my clients called and asked a favor.
She asked if I could send her a drawing.
A caricature of me drawing a caricature.
She said that one of her clients wanted to have
it in a slide presentation to their bosses
on what they could have for entertainment
at an event they are holding I guessed somewhere
in San Antonio where they would use my client
to set things up for them.

She needed the drawing right away so what I did
was take a drawing I did of a fellow caricature
artist (Bruce E. from Canada) at last years ISCA convention.
I flopped the drawing in photoshop then cut and pasted
my self caricature in place of Bruce's.

Even if they don't hire caricature artists for their event,
it didn't take hardly anytime to produce.

I might even use this in some other promotion.
Yes, my feet are that big.

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