Monday, December 20, 2010

iPad drawing live

A group of the San Antonio artists got together for lunch today.
There were only four of us but we had a good time.

Steph was a first timer to our get together.
She is an Illustrator / Singer / Web Designer / Yoga Instructor.
She was my first attempt at drawing someone live,
rather than making up a face to draw.
Below is fellow caricature artist Erica.
My second attempt at drawing live.
I am not as happy with the work mainly I was trying to see
how fast I could do it like at a party. I know in black and white it
would go quicker. I just wanted to see how it
would work if I drew them in color.
Erica is a
Caricature artist / Drummer / Bass Player / Illustrator

Fellow caricature artist Frank Z. also attended.
He said he would rather watch me work on the
iPad rather than get drawn.

I think he's going to get Art Studio app for his iPod.

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