Thursday, December 23, 2010

More Fun and Practice on the iPad

I finally drew some people on my iPad
from memory.....

Caricature Artists a lot of time are considered eccentric.
I was even told that by one of my clients that I was
the most eccentric person he knows.

I thought I was normal.

There's nothing wrong in being eccentric.
But of all the caricature artists who fall in
to that label.
They do not hold a candle to a couple of
people who are regulars at Market Square.

Now these two people just show up
about every weekend.

There's Elvis.

He is on youtube.

He is a caricature of Elvis.....
and he does have gold teeth...

Then there is the Dancing Diva.

This lady I have no idea how old she is,
but she shows up and dances to the music.
In the Summer time she shows up wearing a mini skirt and
a mid-drift top. It's not a pretty sight.

There have been times where the police escorted
her off the property because the dance was getting to
X rated for the children that were there
with their parent. Adults are even take back by it.

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