Friday, December 10, 2010

My last of the ISCA convention

I have had on my blog earlier that
I was invited to go to Japan.
To work as a caricature artist
during their busy season back in 2000.

Who invited me to come was
Tomoko Ogawara......
A friend forever.

At the convention they have an auction...

Even thou Tomoko did not make it to the convention
She donated some of her work on the auction table.

Tomoko Ogawara is a former winner of the
GOLDEN Nosey award.....

She is one of if not the best caricature artist in Japan.
In my opinion in the world.

I had my eye on a piece that she sent over....
But I invited my daughter to the banquet
and she liked another piece by Tomoko
Which I also liked..

So did I bid on what I first had my eyes on,
or did I bid and win on what my daughter liked...???

OK! I bid on and won the piece my daughter liked!

A print of the Deli Lama

This photo is from my phone...

Quality not that great but I hope you
get the idea.

If you want to see the greatness of

Tomoko Ogawara go to

What is so great about the ISCA
International Society of Caricature Artists.
You attend a convention..
You will meet people from around the world
as well as next door that have
the same interest as you

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