Thursday, December 9, 2010

I now have an iPad

After the ISCA caricature convention
I went to LA with my daughter.
She had been given a iPad as a gift
from one of the producers that are on her show.

She told me that she has a smart phone and a computer
for any contact by phone or email.
She did not see a reason to have
another device to keep tract of.

So her dad (me)....said "Well if you don't need it....
I could sure see if I like it."
I uploaded the app Studio Works and got a stylus at
the Apple store.
I am working on getting to use it at a gig.
Once I figure out what I will need to do it.
I am thinking of working up an easel that
fits the small iPad have a wireless printer.
And make sure the place I work at has
a wireless network...
to do the drawings.

The drawings above are all just made up people
just to see what the tools I would use on
a gig and how well they would work
and I am pleased with how it works.
This is a self caricature..
So if you see me on the street...
could you spare a dollar?


  1. You look like the guy you chased off from the elevator that night downtown!

  2. You are right!
    This is a tale between 2 caricature artists that
    finished a gig and what happened after..
    I still get a laugh over thinking about itl

  3. Congrats on getting your iPad, Mel! It seems that just like me, you got a freebee which is always a great price. I won mine as the result of a contest with a company called author stream. You can read all about that story online by googling my name and author stream. It's a great device. Any questions you have on it, don't hesitate to ask. I have some info on my blog about it, especially with the creator of the ifaraday stylus, a tool you must have if you are gonna be drawing on this thing