Monday, December 6, 2010

Some more work of my work on the wall

The reason I like drawing the people at the convention
as I do at parties first, then photographing them holding
the drawing..
Uploading the photo to my computer
and then working it up in Illustrator.

Here is the final I did of Shinichi from Japan
Sometimes when I do a party type caricature...
I have no idea where are what I would do in an
studio type caricature. He was busy working on another drawing
so I drew him painting. I decided after I had the drawing
in Illustrator to drop in his photo and make it like
he was drawing a self portrait.

The final caricature and the party caricature of Russ
Is a good example why I like to work from a photo
of the person holding my quick concept of what
the person looks like.

There were features that I took from the caricature
as well as seeing features on Russ that I missed.
On him I liked the way his cap fit rather then the way
I drew it. I noticed I missed his extra chin (sorry Russ).

Yuri is from Japan. When I drew her and
after taking the photo I noticed I missed the
freckles and the thin long neck.
I did keep a lot from the drawing but
there were enough changes to make it worth doing.

So if you want to visit with attendees at the convention
take the time to draw them as you do when working a party.
Then if you want to work it up as a studio piece.

Plus you will get some great caricatures of yourself
many times from the people you have drawn.

I will post some of the drawings I got from some
of the people that drew me later...

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