Friday, December 3, 2010

Some more work of my work on the wall

Here are two more samples of what
I put on the wall plus what I drew to get to....
Rob and Jeanette were first time attendees to the convention.
Above is a a drawing I had on the wall.
below is the party type caricature I drew of him.
Here is Jeanette a first timer from San Fran...
she stated that she was unsure what to
expect.... I said have fun this week.
What I liked about the final that I hung on the wall of Jeanette,
my friend Al 'Big Al Lopez ' when I was working on
the drawing.... before I had Jeanette's name
on the final....
Al walked by and said ...
"That's Jeanette".....

"Big Al" I met in Houston at a convention years ago.
Who I consider a friend... Because he has also told me
when my work sucked.....

I learned this from one of my caricature artist heros "Huf"
"If there is no likeness... There is no value!"

I have to go to work this weekend...
to help recover the cost of the time I
spent at the convention!

You will have to look at one more post of what I had
on my wall....
But in the last two examples...
I will tell you why I like doing
a party style caricature
taking a photo and then working up
a studio type caricature.

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