Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Some more work on the ISCA Walls of 2010

For a change of pace.....
Here are some of the the 3 dimensional caricatures
that were on display.

The one above was in a frame (shadow box)

This one is of our new ISCA president Steve Hearn.
The convention was in Vegas so why not have the "KING"
I now wished I taken a photo from the back of the
sculpture. it has the British flag on the back of the jacket.

This year 3 of the members showed up all from different
parts of the country. and they each had dieted during the
year and it was quite noticeable.

This was of the out going board.
Now, it was a former board member who was the artist.
She knows that for a non paying appointment.
The grief they have to put up with.

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